1 オプションでも設定がないバックカメラ


2 眩しいバックミラー


3 アクティブボンネットキャンセラー


4 ショートアンテナ


ND Roadster 990S collection of interesting parts

Two months after I started riding, I tried to collect parts that I was interested in, such as usability and appearance.

1 Back camera that is not set even as an option

There is no navigation setting, so it’s natural, but even if it’s a compact body, I’m curious. Therefore, it is projected on a radar with image input settings. Small screen but enough.

2 Dazzling rearview mirror

The body height is low, and the position of the rearview mirror is inevitably low, so the headlights of the car behind you are a concern at night. Since the rear vehicle seems to be approaching with high beam, both the rearview mirror and the door mirror are blue mirrors.

3 Active bonnet canceller

It is a function that activates when you collide with something and lifts the hood, but there are rumors that it will malfunction if you strengthen the suspension or run on the circuit. There is no such case among customers, but if it works, it will cost a lot of money, so I canceled it. There is also a dedicated product, but when I measured the resistance value, it was 2.2 Ω, so I wired the same resistance and completed.

4 short antenna

It’s 100% a matter of looks, but the long antenna stands out badly on the low-height ND Roadster. At first, I didn’t really care, but I changed it because I felt that the shorter one had better balance. I feel like the radio reception has gotten a little worse.