The ND Roadster 990S ran on the circuit for the first time.

I participated in the impact driving event and free driving class held at Autopolis.

I enjoyed it while being careful about going off the course and stepping stones from other cars.

From the results, KPC (Kinematic Posture Control) is great.

KPC that you can feel the benefits even on mountain passes and lane changes on highways.

The 990S has a fairly soft spring rate and no rear stabilizer, but it is fun to drive even on high-grip road circuits.

If you turn off the DSC/TCS, which is also controlled by KPC, the behavior becomes unstable and rollover occurs, and you are always forced to use tail slide control.
So I think it’s better to drive with the switch on, but since stability control and traction control control will be activated, it would be great if KPC could be turned on and DSC/TCS could be turned off.