NDロードスター990S シートヒーターユニット装着しました。

NDロードスター990S シートヒーターユニット装着しました。

#NDロードスター990Sシートヒーター取り付け #NDロードスター990Sブリッドシートヒーターユニット #BRIDEシートヒーターユニット

ND Roadster 990S seat heater unit installed.
A roadster that makes you want to enjoy the open air on sunny days even in winter.
However, I don’t feel like driving while wearing it.
Even so, if you turn on the heating on a regular road, the roadster will not be cold, but adding seat heaters will allow you to enjoy the open air comfortably even in winter.
The problem was that I couldn’t find a place to install the two switches, which are attached to the left and right seats and also used to adjust the temperature, side by side, so I processed the panel of the USB coupler part and installed it.

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