NDロードスター990S リザルトECUオリジナルVer完成しました。

NDロードスター990S リザルトECUオリジナルVer完成しました。














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ND Roadster 990S Result ECU Original Ver has been completed.
After trial and error, it was finally completed.
I have experienced many things that have hidden potential not only in roadsters but also in sports vehicles, no, not limited to sports vehicles.
And this time, we asked Orient Works, which we have absolute trust in, to produce it, and we were able to complete something that we were satisfied with.
First and foremost, an engine that runs comfortably and high response is an absolute requirement for a sports NA engine.
And there is no doubt that torque up on general roads will make driving even more fun.
In the end, I checked the power with a Dynapack, and the results clearly showed that the fun was up compared to the normal.
97ps with only Sakuram muffler.
Although it is a Dynapack with the coefficient as it is, it is a slightly lonely result.
Achieved 110ps after installing the ECU, a whopping 112% increase.
The torque has also increased from 12.7K to 15.1k, but it should be noted that the peak power is higher than normal, and the maximum torque is lower.
This shows that it is a more enjoyable vehicle that combines the characteristics of trying to extend to high rotation and the characteristics of trying to generate torque from lower rotation.
If you are interested, or would like to experience it, you can test drive it at the event on the 25th (Sat) and 26th (Sun) of this month!
Of course, other than 990S is also OK.

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